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Records Management

The supervision and administration of digital or paper records, regardless of format. Activities include maintenance.

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Inventory Management

Supervision of non-capitalized assets and stock items and the flow of goods from store to sales point.

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Patient Management

Designed to contribute to the treatment of the patient by performing assessment and vitals collection.

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About MedixTrak

Our innovative hospital solution is designed to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and empower healthcare professionals with powerful tools. You can contact us info@medixtrak.ng


As a comprehensive hospital software solution, MedixTrak streamlines every aspect of healthcare management, from patient intake to discharge and beyond. Our intuitive interface empowers healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional patient outcomes.

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With robust features for scheduling, billing, electronic health records (EHR), and more, MedixTrak revolutionizes the way hospitals operate, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction.

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